Leveling your RV is one of the first things that you must do after arriving at your campsite. A leveled RV ensures that your doors and drawer open/close properly, the water in your pipes flows accurately, and your frame is properly supporting the weight of your rig. Leveling your RV is also extremely important if you have an absorption fridge (a fridge that can run on propane). Serious and permanent damage can come to an absorption fridge that is tilted more than three degrees off from being level.
Most RVer (including myself) have been using bubble level and wood blocks for years. An easy upgrade (especially for towable RV) is to replace wood block by curved leveler (or level ramp) such as the Andersen Leveler system. The driver slowly drives onto the levelers, and the person who is watching the bubble level hollers when the trailer is level.
But would it be great for the driver to see the RV level status directly on his phone? Having the capability to look at the current level from the driver seat prevents overshooting and miscommunication. This also makes it super easy if you are a solo camper and need to level by yourself.
That is why I created “Level my RV”. If you just have one iPhone, you can use it as a simple level. However, if you have a second iPhone (or maybe an iPad), place one device in the RV and keep the other as a remote viewer from the driver seat. The data is exchanged using Bluetooth, so there is no need for cellular service or Wi-Fi connectivity in between the two phones!

The App is entirely free, so make sure to download it and try it on your iOS device (iPhone or iPad).