What you need

Level my RV works on iPhones and iPads. Although you can use Level my RV on a single device, the App is best used when it can be loaded on two devices: one device will be placed on the floor of the RV to take leveling measurements, and the second device will stay with you as a remote viewer. This will allow you to make adjustments from your driver seat or from the tongue of the trailer while monitoring the RV level.

RV Settings

Level my RV will be able to tell you in inches or centimeters by how much you need to raise your tire(s) and by how much you need to raise or lower your tongue jack (for fifth wheel and travel trailer). To perform this computation, Level my RV needs to know the type of your RV (motorhome, fifth wheel, or travel trailer) and the dimension of your RV. Note that these settings only need to be adjusted on the device that you will put on the floor of the RV (the device that will take and send the measurements). To adjust the setting, open the App, select “Use this device as a sensor” and click on the gear icon located on the top right corner of the screen. Select your RV type and unit:

Preview Picture

Once you RV type has been selected, enter the following measurements:

Calibration (Optional)

Although not mandatory, it is recommended to calibrate the device that you plan to put on the floor inside the RV. If you have a case or if the device has a camera “bump”, it might not lay flat perfectly on the ground and this can introduce an offset in the measurement. So, the first time you use Level my RV, use a traditional bubble level (or any other means of monitoring the RV level) and level your RV the best you can. Once the RV is perfectly level to your liking, put your device on the floor or on a countertop in a convenient location, open the App, select “Use this device as a sensor”, click on the gear icon located on the top right corner of the screen, scroll down on the Settings page, and click on the “Calibrate” button. The App will capture and store the calibration offset. You are now ready to use Level my RV on your next trip (just make sure to use the same device at the same location each time).


When you are ready to level your RV, open the App and select “Use this device as a sensor”. Put this device inside the RV facing up on the floor (or on a countertop if you have calibrated that location).

TIP: If you are boondocking and do not need to park your RV in a very specific designated area, you can drive around (slowly!) with the second device in your hand to find a level spot.


Unfortunately, no. Level my RV is only available on iOS (iPhones and iPads).
No, Level my RV only uses Bluetooth to send the measurement accross the two devices.
Level my RV can operate in areas that have no cellular or Wi-Fi coverage.
Since Bluetooth is used to communicate in between the two devices, the distance at which you can have the two devices apart is dictated by the Bluetooth range itself. You can expect 30ft to 50ft, but this can vary according to your specific RV.